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Why choose My Bond Cover?

When you take out a bond, your mortgage lending company - usually a bank or financial institution - may offer you an inclusive bond cover policy (sometimes also erroneously referred to as bond 'insurance'.)

Many financial institutions or mortgage companies will charge you a premium for these convenient 'bundled deals', for which you may also be charged interest - effective for the full term of your home loan.

This means that you're paying interest on what is already a higher premium; an added expense that will cost you tens of thousands of unnecessary rands during your full bond term.

My Bond Cover provides access to affordable life cover quotes from South Africa's leading online life insurance company, Instant Life, giving you the following bond cover benefits with immediate effect:

• Super affordable cover - Save up to 50% or more on your monthly bond protection life cover premiums.

• No-frills monthly deductions - pay 0% interest on your mortgage insurance

• Test-free life cover solutions - you have the choice.

• Fast, effective self-service - Instant Life's innovative online platform puts you in the driving seat to manage your life cover yourself.

Put SA's More-for-Less life cover to the test

Don't settle for undynamic bundled bond cover when you take out your home loan. Simply complete Instant Life's online quote form for a free bond life insurance quote - it's a few minutes well spent. Also be sure to read more about the benefits of independent bond cover or direct home loan insurance. and view our FAQ/Resources section for more information.