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Mortgage Insurance | My Bond Cover

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When you opt to finance your mortgage insurance with your bond, you'l have to pay interest on these premiums as well - and is it guaranteed that this bundle deal, made without the pressure of external competition, will give you the most affordable mortgage insurance premiums?

Instant Life offers discounts of up to 50% or more on online life insurance that can be ceded to cover your outstanding mortgage debt. What's more, you will also earn 20% Cash Back on your premiums for every 10 years you don't claim, keeping more money in your pocket for things you enjoy.

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Mortgage Insurance vs Life Insurance

Mortgage insurance is a life insurance product aimed specifically at providing cover for outstanding mortgage debt. It settles the policyholder's oustanding mortgage debt in the event of their permanent disablement or death. Where there are multiple signatories on a mortgage loan, the debt - and policy benefits - are shared commensurate with the amount of debt each signatory is responsible for.

Without mortgage insurance, the homeowners' estate will have to take responsibility to settle any outstanding mortgage debt. This often leaves their families scant choice but to sell the property to settle the debt. This could lead to the family having to sell the property at far below its market value, losing their home in the process. Worst case scenario, the mortgage lender could be forced to repossess the property.

With a paid-up mortgage insurance policy in place, the policyholder's beneficiaries can inherit a fully paid real estate asset.

Get peace of mind about your mortgage debt when you die and leave a lasting legacy. Request a free mortgage insurance quote today.