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Life Insurance Quotes | My Bond Cover

Looking for affordable life insurance quotes online? My Bond Cover provides affordable life insurance solutions to cover your home loan - whether you are a first time buyer or looking for a second bond.

Thanks to years of experience and established relationships with South Africa's leading life insurance companies My Bond Cover gives you access to quick life insurance quotes to protect your bond. Don't let the unforeseen give you sleepless nights; simply contact us today to obtain a free life insurance quote on cover for your outstanding bond amount.

Packed with information on bond life insurance and tips for first-time home buyers, this site aims to help you secure adequate levels of bond life insurance at affordable premiums.

Why get bond life insurance quotes online?

While financing the life insurance for your home loan as a single bundled deal may seem like a convenient arrangement, it could cost you tens of thousands of rands in extra interest during the full term of the bond.

By getting direct life insurance to protect your home loan you could be saving thousands over the term of your loan. If you're looking for instant life insurance to protect your bond, be sure to check out Instant Life's online life insurance system.

Request a free online life insurance quote now to see just how much you could be saving and sign up online.

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