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Instant Life Insurance Quotes | Instant Life Bond Cover

Looking for Instant Life insurance for your bond? Instant Life's life cover product fulfils the same function as traditional bond cover - bond protection - but with one distinct difference. The amount you get out is fixed: your benefit does not decrease as your oustanding bond amount decreases.

And, with premium savings of up to 50%, any money saved on bond cover can help pay off your bond quicker. You could be saving up to as much as 50% on your life insurance premiums, so get a free life insurance quote online.


Why choose Instant Life?

Most conventional bond life insurance and bond cover products typically cover the outstanding balance on your home loan upon death or permanent disability, so the payout amount decreases as your oustanding bond amount decreases.

Using Instant Life Cover as bond protection means that the amount you insured for is the amount the policy pays out upon claim settlement. If you were to die or become permanently disabled, an Instant Life policy can settle your bond. Any money left thereafter is paid to your loved ones as a lump cash sum.

Instant Life is one of the latest life insurers to enter the South African life insurance administration market. Launched in 2008, Instant Life has injected some serious competition into the life insurance industry. Instant Life offers a comprehensive range of life cover products via a dynamic online platform that gives policyholders full control over their life insurance plans.

This life insurance company offers a paperless sign-up process that provides customers with direct online access, cutting out exorbitant broker fees and many of the inefficiencies associated with call centres and non-web based life insurers. By doing so, Instant Life is able to offer the consumer premium reductions of up to 50% or more!

Other Instant Life products

    Life Cover - This type of life insurance is not for you; it benefits your loved ones in the event of your untimely death. Upon your death, your life cover policy pays up a cash lump sum. If you are diagnosed with a terminal disease, the policy will pay out 12 months earlier.

    Critical Illness Cover - The Instant Life Critical illness insurance policy not only protects you, it also protects your dependents. This life insurance policy pays out a lump sum upon the policyholder's diagnosis with a range of specified dread diseases, helping you to cope financially during a critical illness.

    Cancer Cover - Similar to Instant Life's Critical Illness Cover policy, its Cancer Cover Policy pays out a lump sum of cash in the event that you were to be diagnosed with cancer.

    Work Disability Cover - Instant Life's Disability Insurance policy enables you to cope financially if you are not able to work as result of illness or serious injury.

    Accidental Death Cover - Accidents happen. Instant Life Insurance's Accidental Death Cover plan provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones will be able to cope financially if you were to die in an accident.

    Funeral Cover - Instant Life's Funeral Cover policy not only assures you of a dignified death ceremony, but also means that your family won't be burdened with the additional costs of your funeral.

What sets Instant Life apart?

Traditional life insurance products tend to be complex and cumbersome. With every layer of policy management and administration comes more costs, effectively driving up your policy premiums. Instant Life is able to be affordable by first being efficient. Our range of life insurance plans and products are clear and simple to understand. As a progressive insurer, we are able to respond to our customers' needs a lot quicker than the traditional insurance giant could.

Thanks to our innovative use of web-based technologies, our levels of service excellence will remain constant, no matter how many million customers we gain over time. Moreover, applying for Instant Life insurance online only takes a couple of minutes, and when you're done, you're covered - it's that simple!

You're dealing with a brand you can trust for life

Instant Life is underwritten by Guardrisk Life Limited, a member of the Alexander Forbes Group, giving you the peace of mind that you're dealing with an established and reputable life insurance company.

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Instant Life Insurance Quotes