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When buying a home, home loan insurance is vital. Don't expose your loved ones to the risk of losing their home; learn more about home loan insurance and get the best deals online with My Bond Cover. To get a free home loan insurance quote from Instant Life, simply click on the link below and complete their quick and easy online quote form:


Why the need for home loan insurance?

Buying a property is a big decision, and not one to be undertaking lightly. Repaying a home loan is a serious financial responsibility; putting certain risk management structures in place is vital. Home loan insurance protects you and your loved ones against financial risk during the policyholder's death or permanent disability.

As a form of life cover, home loan insurance covers the oustanding balance on your home loan upon your death or permanent disability. The net effect is that your home - a property asset - is fully paid up, leaving your family a lasting legacy and a home they own, rather than an insurmountable burden of debt.

In the event of your permanent disablement, your home loan insurance ensures that your bond is paid off if you are unable to continue working.

My Bond Cover specialises in helping homeowners secure the right level of home loan cover at the best price. Our thorough needs assessment and routine review means that you can save thousands of rands during the course of your home loan term. Don't settle for a flat fee - if your oustanding home loan amount reduces rapidly, your monthly home loan cover premium should reflect this!

Don't run the risks of not having home loan insurance - contact us now for a free consultation or complete the form below for a free home loan insurance quote: