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Bond Cover | My Bond Cover

Getting more affordable bond cover is easy with My Bond Cover, a premium South African life insurance quotes provider. By signing up for bond cover independently of your bond, you can save thousands of rands during the course of your loan!

When you finance your bond cover along with your home loan, you'll be paying interest on these premiums as well - and who's to say you're getting the most affordable bond cover rates?

Instant Life offers you life cover discounts of up to 50% and 20% cash backs for every 10 claims free years, keeping more rands in your pocket.

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What exactly is bond cover?

Bond cover is a specific type of life insurance that settles the policyholder's oustanding debt on his or her bond in the event of their death or permanent disability. Where there are more than one signatory on the home loan, the debt - and cover benefits - are shared commensurate with the amount of death each party is responsible for.

Without bond cover, the homeowners' estate will be responsible for settling the outstanding bond amount, often leaving their families or next of kin no choice but to sell the property to settle the bond. This situation is far from ideal: a suitable buyer may not be found, forcing the bond lending institution (bank or mortgage lender) to repossess the property.

If an appropriate, paid-up bond cover policy was in place, on the other hand, the deceased's family or estate beneficiaries would inherit a paid-up property asset.

Looking for instant bond cover quotes online?

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