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Bond Cover Quotes | My Bond Cover

Looking for a bond cover policy? My Bond Cover proudly offers tailor-made bond cover policies and home loan insurance solutions to meet your home insurance needs. Get more bond cover for less! Contact us now for a free needs assessment consultation and bond cover quotes from 4 of SA's leading bond insurance companies.

Why get bond cover?

Peace of mind is arguably one of the biggest benefits of bond cover. Buying a property is a big financial commitment - and not one you'd want to face if you were no longer able to work due to permanent disability. Getting adequate bond cover will not only ensure that you are able to service your bond debt, but will also ensure that your property asset is settled, in the event that you die or should become disabled.

A fully paid-up property is arguably one of the greatest assets your loved ones could inherit - as opposed to a large outstanding debt, which is what they would be faced with if your bond debts weren't covered! Choose to give your loved ones a valuable asset, rather than a mountain of debt; request a free bond cover quote and get your bond insured today.

How do I request bond cover quotes?

Getting a no-obligation bond cover quote will take you less than 60 seconds; simply complete our on-site form and submit your details - a qualified financial services consultant will contact you to discuss your needs and tailor a quote, based on the information you provide.

Remember: As with any form of insurance or life assurance, honesty is the best policy when it comes to bond cover. Especially with regards to smoking, you may be required to undergo certain medical tests. Should you not be completely honest about your smoking habits, for example, your application for bond cover may be unsuccessful...

About the bond cover companies

My Bond Cover promotes bond cover policies from several leading South African life insurance companies, including Momentum Life Assurance, Metropolitan Odyssey Funeral Cover, Discovery Health and Sanlam Life Assurance. Be sure to speak to Dave Wilson and Associates, our strategic authorised financial services partner, to determine which bond cover policy will best address your personal needs.

Why choose My Bond Cover?

My Bond Cover is committed to bringing you the highest level of bond cover at the best premiums. Comparing bond cover quotes is the best way to securing the lowest rates, so put us to the test today. If you're not convinced yet, check out more reasons - you could save thousands during the duration of your bond term!