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Affordable Bond Cover | My Bond Cover

Getting an independent bond cover policy could save you thousands of rands during the course of your bond term. But why not just opt for an in-house or bundled bond cover solution when you apply for your bond?

Reasons to choose independent bond cover

When you take out a bond, the bond issuing company - usually a bank or financial institution - may offer you an inclusive bond protection plan (somewhat erroneously referred to as 'home loan 'insurance'. Should you decide to finance the costs as part of your home loan, however, you will also be paying interest on the premiums for the full bond term.

My Bond Cover provides convenient access to affordable life insurance from South African online life insurance leaders Instant Life, giving you the following benefits and advantages with immediate effect:

Super affordable premiums - Save up to 50% or more on your month on your bond cover premiums

No-frills monthly deductions - Pay 0% interest on your mortgage insurance premiums!

Medical testing or no tests required - The choice is yours.

Many financial institutions or bond companies may charge you a premium for these convenient 'bundled deals'. If you opt to include this cost along with your mortgage origination expenses in your bond financing, you will also be charged interest - effective for the full term of your home loan! This means that you will be paying interest on top of an already marked-up bond cover premium.

Put SA's more-for-less life insurance to the test

Simply complete Instant Life's simple online insurance quote form for a free life insurance quote - it's a few minutes well spent. Find out more about the benefits of direct bond cover, or get a free instant life insurance quote now.