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About My Bond Cover & Instant Life

My Bond Cover gives you instant online access to life insurance quotes on cover to protect your bond. Combining the quote and application process into one convenient online process Instant Life makes getting life insurance to cover your bond quick, easy and super affordable. There are no brokers, no call centre hassles or cumbersome paperwork.

How does Instant Life differ from other types of bond cover?

Level or increasing cover - Most conventional bond cover products cover any outstanding balance on your home loan if you were to die or become permanently disabled, depending on your policy's stipulations. With this type of product the 'sum assured' is reduced over time as the outstanding bond balance decreases.

Instant Life's life insurance policies double as bond cover, but with one distinct advantage: the sum assured - the amount paid upon your death or permanent disability - does not decrease over time. You also have the option of increasing your level of cover to increase by 5% per year. Once a claim is made against your policy and your outstanding bond debt has been settled, any excess amount in cover is therefore paid out to your estate or nominated beneficiaries, providing them with a valuable cash injection when they'll need it most.

Premium discounts of up to 50% or more - By streamlining the application process online, eradicating the need for expensive call center infrastructure and cutting out the middleman – the insurance broker - Instant Life is able to offer you discounts of up to 50% on your monthly life cover premiums.

Cash-backs of up to 20% - Earn up to 20% of your premiums back for every 10 claims free years that your life insurance policy remains in place.

Whole of life insurance cover - Instant Life Cover is a 'whole of life' insurance product, which means that your cover can be extended beyond the term of your bond if you choose to keep your policy in place.

How do I use Instant Life Cover for bond protection?

Simply purchase Instant Life Cover Online and choose your beneficiaries as you would with any life cover policy. Once your cover is in place, simply email a request to to cede the policy to your bank or home loan lender. We will then get in touch to confirm your request.

More home loan life insurance for less

My Bond Cover is proud to bring you online insurance quotes from Instant Life and aims to provide accurate life cover and bond insurance information. Selecting the right home loan insurance policy or bond cover product that meets your personal needs may seem like a daunting experience, but thanks to Instant Life's simple products and innovative online access platform, getting cover and managing your policy is quick and easy.

A simple questionnaire is all it takes to get a quote and sign up online – get started now; click and cover quick with Instant Life.